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Welcome to Small Dog Breeds, here you will find a huge list of over 150+ dog breeds packed with dog breeding information, pictures, characteristics and so much more.

Please browse through our selection of small dog breeds to find what your looking for. We are currently updating our small dog breeds database to make it easier to search for the dog breeds you'd like to see.

We are also creating shopping guides for small dog owners to help you find the coolest gear for little dogs. The first store featured will be Oh My Dog Supplies because of their unique selection of dog beds and dog feeders.

Please bare with us while we update, you won't be disapointed.

Small Doggy Articles
Dogs: the pros and cons
Bringing a dog into your home, can change your life in many ways. It can bring the lost feeling into your home and give you and your family a warm feeling inside knowing that your pet is happy, or it can bring bad headaches i ...

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Camping With Your Pet
There’s nothing more fun than a weekend camping trip with your favorite four legged companion. Whether you’re hiking, canoeing with your dog, or just relaxing around the campfire, there are a few tips you should consider whe ...

Latest dog breed news
'Dog Park' Video Game - Business Insider
In the world of video games, you can be a ninja, a bird, a basketball player, and even a goat. Now, you can add "dog" to the list. That's thanks to a new virtual game called "Dog Park," created by New York-based game ...

Dog Steals Baby's Toy, Then Repents By Spoiling Her Rotten
When Charlie the dog borrowed his human sibling's stuffed animal without asking, the baby wasn't too happy about it. The guilty pup felt so bad for making the baby cry that he decided make it up to her. Watch as Charlie ...

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